Capitol Counsel’s Tax Team features knowledge, expertise, and relationships as deep and far-reaching as the tax code itself, with decades of experience on Capitol Hill and elsewhere in the tax-policymaking arena.

Few, if any, firms in Washington can match Capitol Counsel’s experience and proven record of success in providing clients with effective, high-quality tax representation. Our Tax Team is comprised of seasoned policy professionals and political veterans with a vast range of experiences and perspectives from across the tax-policymaking arena.

Our team has successfully represented and advocated for:

  • Individuals
  • Business of all structures and sizes — regardless of industry
  • Tax-exempt organizations
  • Trade Associations
  • Professional sports leagues
  • Various Stakeholders on a wide range of tax issues

Our team has worked on a diverse range of issues and has substantial expertise and experience in:

Advocating Stakeholder Priorities

Our team works with various stakeholders on a wide range of tax issues, leveraging its unique understanding of Washington’s tax-policymaking process to help clients achieve their objectives.

Tax issues include:

  • Individual income taxes, including those affecting pass-through businesses
  • Domestic business and corporate taxes ranging from accounting methods and business credits to industry-specific provisions and corporate rates
  • International taxes involving both inbound- and outbound-related issues
  • Employment-related taxes, including issues involving employee pensions and benefits
  • Excise taxes
  • Matters involving tax-exempt organizations
  • Tax administration and compliance.

Proven Experience in Tax Policymaking

Our Tax Team members have served:

  • In Congress
  • In senior-level staff positions on the congressional tax-writing committees
  • In senior roles of key members of the House, Senate, and congressional leadership
  • On the staffs of other pertinent committees
  • In senior political advisory positions
  • In other high-profile advocacy roles within Washington’s broader tax policy community.

Close Relationships Among Key Policymakers

Our Tax team maintains and cultivates close relationships with:

  • The staffs of the House Ways and Means and Senate Finance Committees
  • House and Senate leadership
  • Key White House, Treasury, IRS, and other administration officials.