Full-Service Government Relations

Making client priorities a public service reality.

Who We Are

Capitol Counsel’s bipartisan team brings decades of experience in federal policymaking and politics. We have served as members of Congress, as senior staff for members of Congress, on key congressional committees and in senior executive branch positions.

Our team is large enough to offer our clients a wide range of professional and political expertise; however, we pride ourselves on operating like a boutique firm that employs flexibility, collaboration, and creativity.


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Our Mission

Capitol Counsel is committed to devising and implementing successful strategies that help our clients meet their legislative and regulatory goals. We work with our clients to design, execute, and tailor strategies to adapt to changing risks and opportunities.


Our Approach

Our clients are not served by a single individual, but rather by a team of professionals who can best help them achieve their objectives. Our team approach ensures that clients are matched with the most appropriate lobbyists who bring different perspectives, skills, and contacts, resulting in the most effective outcomes.

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We help clients understand how their objectives fit within the broader government context and help them set realistic, achievable goals.


We analyze complex public policy issues and identify key areas of interest to our clients. We then distill important information into an understandable and usable form.


We act as advocates to complement our clients’ existing relationships in Washington, and we work to ensure that our clients’ messages are communicated in the most effective manner.


We provide timely information that allows clients to quickly modify their strategy in response to a changing political or policy landscape.


The practical political insight into the issues and concerns outside of Washington, often at the most specific level, makes us unique and highly effective in understanding our clients’ needs and perspectives.