Jeffery Walter

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Jeffery M. Walter is a partner with Capitol Counsel, LLC. He brings to the firm 30 years of wide-ranging political and policy expertise in Washington, D.C. Walter has served as a government relations specialist, a political appointee, and a senior staff member for high-profile Republican members in both houses of Congress. He brings to the firm business experience as a former advertising executive, a candidate for public office, and a campaign manager for federal and statewide political offices. He is nationally recognized for his political fundraising expertise. Walter started his own lobbying firm advocating before Congress and the executive branch on behalf of top-level clients in the fields of telecommunications, technology, insurance, financial services, defense, and health care.


  • Washington and Lee University – B.A.

Positions Held

  • The Walter Group, Washington, D.C. – Founder and President
  • MWW Group, Washington, D.C. – Vice President. Managed the firm’s client portfolio, including student-lending companies, financial services institutions, and telecommunications firms.
  • The Washington Group, Washington, D.C. – Vice President. Represented clients before Congress and managed a coalition for the firm’s real estate and retail clients.
  • Department of Transportation Office of Commercial Space Transportation, Washington, D.C. – Associate Director of External Affairs, President Reagan administration
  • Congressional experience includes service in both the House of Representatives and the Senate for Congressmen Tom Bliley (R-VA) and Ernest Konnyu (R-CA), Senators Connie Mack (R-FL) and Al D’Amato (R-NY), and the Joint Economic Committee.

Memberships / Recognition

  • National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee – Financial Consultant
  • Parish School Board Member and Church Vestry Member – Volunteer service
  • The Order of St. John – Member


Walter attributes his most notable successes to the great team of Republicans and Democrats that he works with, firmly believing that in Washington, bipartisanship is necessary for victory. He worked on a President Reagan initiative to commercialize space transportation and won by working with the Democratic Congress. He also won on a major pension fix for a large government contractor by working both sides of the aisle. Walter attained substantial support from Democrats and Republicans for a recent victory on the nuclear production tax credit. Reforming Dodd-Frank is a major effort for Capitol Counsel and will probably be another bipartisan victory in Congress. Keeping clients off the pay-for list on the tax bill and protecting clients in telecommunications and health care from regulatory overreach are major accomplishments, as well. Walter attributes other wins to playing good defense.