The Appropriations Team at Capitol Counsel has broad expertise in the federal budget process, helping clients navigate spending and policy challenges via government funding legislation.

Our bipartisan team is comprised of seasoned policy and political experts with decades of experience working with the Appropriations Committees, the Office of Management and Budget, and agency budget offices, making even the most complex Appropriations negotiation accessible to our clients.

Our team has successfully represented and advocated for:

  • Community Financial Organizations
  • Conservation Program Associations
  • Defense Industry Corporations
  • Energy Infrastructure Companies
  • Financial Services Companies and Associations
  • For-profit Housing Developers and Managers
  • Healthcare Trade Associations and Corporations
  • Housing and Community Development Non-profits
  • Leading Agriculture Trade Associations
  • Physician Member Organizations
  • Research Advocacy Organizations
  • State and Municipal Government Entities
  • State Higher Educational Institutions
  • Telecommunications Companies and Associations
  • Travel Industry Corporations and Associations
  • Veteran Related Business





Lockheed Martin


Ocean Conservancy


Our team has worked on a diverse range of issues and has substantial expertise and experience in:

Critical Federal Government Funding Priorities

Our team has advocated successfully in all twelve annual Appropriations Committee measures, disaster supplemental measures, and with budget officials in the Executive Office of the President and federal agencies.

Victories include:

  • Funding for community financial institutions
  • Support for federal conservation programs
  • Defense industrial advocacy
  • Energy Development
  • Bolstering funding for affordable housing programs
  • Supporting state and local entities — including higher education and research endeavors
  • Launching pilot programs
  • Supporting grant applications in various federal budget agencies

Legislative And Regulatory Oversight Funding And Prohibitions

Beneficial and detrimental policies can often move through spending processes while obstructed in authorizing committees. The Appropriations Committee processes can be a tool for policy advocacy and also a liability where strong defense is needed.

Victories include:

  • Advocacy related to financial institutions
  • Financial services regulations
  • Rural broadband and other telecommunications policies
  • Energy regulation
  • Pharmaceutical regulation
  • Department of Labor and insurance industry policies
  • Demonstration and pilot programs

Committee, Budget Processes & Congressionally Directed Spending

Our Appropriations Team has the procedural and organizational capacity to support client efforts in annual funding requests, legislative and explanatory language processes, and the logistical capability to assist any organization.

Further, Capitol Counsel can ensure that all procedures and timelines are followed concerning:

  • Community Project Funding
  • Congressionally Directed Spending
  • Earmarks